Saturday, September 27, 2008

Knit One, Save One.....Or Crochet One, Save One (in my case)

So I am so super excited to see that Save the Children has finally brought back this program. It was called "Caps to the Capital" two years ago when they did it for the first time. I'll tell you what it's about.....

In developing countries, 4 MILLION newborns DIE EACH YEAR in the first month of life, half within the first 24 hours after being born. But a package of simple health measures provided to mothers and babies worldwide could prevent 60 percent of these deaths. The missing ingredients to save most babies’ lives include antibiotics to fight infection, immunizations
against tetanus, training for skilled birth attendants, and education about
breastfeeding and basic care such as keeping the baby warm. This is where your cap comes in!

These babies need more than caps – they need your voice too.
The United States can lead the way in saving young lives by increasing funding
for critical health measures for mothers and children in developing countries.
To do this, we need your help. You can write a letter to the President-to-be. Download the action kit, all the info is in there.

Your cap can help us save a life.
Your letter can help us save millions more

Crocheting is EASY ppl.....your hats don't have to be perfect. YOU can help stop preventable death of these babies. I've posted a link to the save the children website where you can download your action kit. A little bit of your time will greatly help these sweet babies. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet that teach you how to crochet. Need more convincing?? Go to the save the children website and look at all the photos of the sweet babies wearing hats ppl did two years ago. Hooks for crochet are about two dollars, so is a skein of yarn, which will do about 10 of these little hats. It's cheap, and you make a difference.

Me and two of my friends who did this two years ago are getting together on Thursday nights, I think maybe everyother Thursday night to make caps together. Email me if you want to join us. I can help you learn if you don't know how.

K, I will get off my soap box. I really LOVE this program tho.

I am going to go think up some new crochet designs to make some cute hats for this, and maybe some to sell. I am thinking about doing some animal hats, they are super cute on babies. Paxton had one I made him. I also made all his cubby-mates ones while he was in the NICU. I love them. Will photo them as I get them made. Sorry about the teaser yesterday, as soon as I'm able, I'll post pikkies of that stuff too.

Anyhow, I am super pumped about this crochet, and I have some sewing left to do too... Forward this to friends and stuff, start your own group or something!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Present

Well, I was going to blog about something so adorable I did this afternoon....Thanks alot Stacy, you got me wanting to do oodles of sewing!!!! But I realized that the person these are for could possibly read this and see it, so I can't tell you about it....Sorry. LOL!!!

Well I wanted to photograph my girls in another crochet project I did, but I got hung up sewing so I didn't have time.

Elaina FINALLY got her cheerleading uniform. It looks really great and she loves to put it on. Tomorrow will be her second game she's cheered so far. I am glad it is in the morning. YAY.

Kevin has to work again tomorrow for part of the day, so I will be sewing/crocheting while the baby sleeps. I should be doing laundry and cleaning, but I don't feel like it so ptthh!

Check your myspace Stacy, I think I can private blog the have got to seee....

Short and simple blog today....hehe

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fabric Fun

I went to Hobby Lobby for some ribbon, and came home with not the ribbon I needed, some floral wire for bows, and some fabric. I was wanting to make the girls some outfits for our fall photo, but I couldn't pass up this cute pink and black. I think I am going to make an apron front shirt and some ruffled pants. Be expecting the pic of Mia in it soon.

I made a bow to go with the prospected outfit, I hope I made Stacy proud. I tried it a few times before I got it to look sort of how I wanted it. I am sure it definitly is not the way it is "supposed" to be done, but whatever way I did it, it worked. Now all that's left is to hot glue the clip to it. I have to dig in my sewing closet for the hot glue gun. I think I am going to pull everything out and get it all organized good. WOo HOo!

I am going to be working on the camo blanket for Robin tonight. I'll post it once I have the monogramming done. I had to go to walmart of all places, to get the ribbon. I was suprised they actually had what I needed. Tomorrow is Hancock Fabrics Day.....they have Simplicity patterns $1.99 tomorrow and Friday. I am going to go right after I get done at the gym. I hope they have the ones I want left.

A Smocket for Mia

So I was bored the other day, and decided to use up some scraps I had. I found this great link to a tutorial to make a smocket. What is a smocket you say? Well... smock + pocket = smocket.

Mia was so excited that I was making something for cute. Here's the link to the wonderful tutorial, thanks Alicia!
The tutorial link is on the right side. It has a printable pattern for you to use and is easy to alter. Mia wears a 3, and the pattern is for a 2. I forgot to lenthen the straps, so instead of tying it, I made button holes and put buttons. Enjoy!

Without further adue..... enjoy Mia in her smocket!