Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Change

So I decided to dedicate my blog to my crafts, instead of intertwining both my life and crafts into it. It basically made my myspace not even worth having. Plus I am feeling a bit convicted about putting TMI up for all to see. I get carried away sometimes. It is super fun to blog and just vent, but from now on, at least with the personal life stuff, I will be sticking with the privacy of myspace. I just feel very strongly about this, (I know, I'm a nut) so sorry if you were reading about my life and cared less about the crafts.....LOL. I'm always doing new stuff, so I am sure I won't disappoint! Loves to all!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hats for Graham

Baby Graham will be so nice and toasty in these toboggan hats! They are 7" tall with a 1 1/2" brim.

They are made in Navy, Baby Blue, Barn Red, Chocolate Brown, Mocha Brown, Olive Green, Cream, and Winter White.

They can be done in just about any color. Size NB-12 months. $12.50 ea. plus shipping.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Hat for Paxton

I actually made this about a week ago or so, since it has gotten so cold outside. He looks so very cute in it, I've been putting it on him wherever we go. I tried to get a pic of him in it, but he wasnt' very happy at the moment, so I gave up. I am doing the monogram letter on a clip so it is removable. P's is sewn on cos it wasn't until later that I thought about using a clip. The hat is a chocolate brown beanie (I made it longer so it covers most of his ears) and it has a light blue "P" sewn on it. Can be made in sizes from NB - 12 months. $12.50 for the hat, $3.50 for the monogram clip. Prices do not include shipping.
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