Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cocoon Pod

So I have totally been wanting to do one of these for quite some time. Thankfully I have finally learned how to knit, so now I am just awash with tons of stuff that I want to do. I have always LOVED the way knit looks, but never had the patience to do it. I still get pretty frusterated with it, cos I allow myself to think "I could have crocheted about three of these in the time it takes for one!"
I am going to be going on a photoshoot with my sister in law to take some pics of my new baby cousin, Dakota either tomorrow or thursday. I am excited I will get to try these out on him! I can't wait!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So things have been really crazy, plus I've been lazy about getting on here. Well, I've made a bunch of new stuff, including a dress that I seen in a magazine that retails for $190!! I've also knitted a bodice and sewn on a skirt too for Mia. Just haven't put up any pics yet. I've done a diaper bag and a few pair of cotton pants with matching kimono shirt for a friend of my mother's. She also got some adorable Heather Bailey fabric to make another bag and some accessories for another couple at their church. I can't wait to delve into that. I am also working on a pair of ruffle coulates, and a few other things that I just have to have the time to think through. More to come soon!! Enjoy!

The really "expensive" dress I made for Elaina. I had to wash it about 3 or 4 times because she wanted to play and twirl in it!

Mia's Pettiskirt

She loves to twirl and prance around in it!