Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Carley's Car Seat

So I finished the car seat for Caroline's new baby girl, Carley. ETA: 2 days! I bet she is a bucket of emotions...I know I was two days before my C-section. It's dark chocolate brown with pink polka dots, with pink minky dot accents. Hope she likes it! Sorry the pictures are kind of crappy.....Kevin left my camera in his truck which was left at his work. I didn't go anywhere today, nor did I want to, so I just had to settle for my little point and shoot cam. It does ok...not that way I like it to tho! Well this will have to be a short post, I have to go feed my hungry man!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Outfits for Carley

So I can FINALLY post the outfits that I made for baby Carley...I think that's how she is spelling it...correct me if I'm wrong. Only three more days until she is here! Caroline absolutely loved them, and her face was priceless when she seen the ruffled pants. She had a great shower, and I have no doubt she will be making tough decisions on what she will put the baby in every day! HA!

So I was also busy today doing a car seat. I will post a pic tomorrow. My husband took my camera again and didn't bring it back home. I am enjoying the bit of cooler weather we have had here lately, but it still doesn't compare to Fall up north. I miss the smell and especially the leaves and the bite of coolness you get in the air.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Blanket for Austin

So here's the blanket I did for Austin. It is made from Camo Minky with grosgrain ribbon for a binding. It is 23x23 square. It is very soft and cozy, and just big enough for a car seat blanket or to get photos made with it. It can be done with almost any kind of fuzzy soft stuff. (Click the pics, they get bigger) Doesn't Monogram Central do a great job? That's who does all of my monogramming....don't know if they have a website or not....I wonder.

I will be getting a seperate myspace, soon as I can sit down and do it, so for now you can just come here to see new stuff. If you have an idea in mind, just ask. I can do alot of stuff. I am trying to focus on mostly crochet, but i don't mind sewing here or there. I may even put up a few tutorials....I have used a ton of tutorials in the past for quick projects and stuff to do when I was bored. FUN!
Other than that, Kevin is comming home early today...WOOHOO. I am going to put him to work for a while and then send him over to his friend's house to finish work he started last week so we can get paid. His little handyman stuff has been a great source of extra for us...Lord knows we need a little extra here and there. I am hoping to put it away so I can get some new threads soon.
I am so stoked Stacy is comming!!!!!!! DID YOU HEAR ME??? STACY IS COMMING!!!!!!!!! I can't wait. I miss her so bad. It is going to go by so quick so I am already sad she will be going home...pout. That's a roller coaster ride of emotions, huh? Well I better go so that it will look like I did something around here today. HEHEHE.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Family Photo Outfit

So I decided it was about time to have a family photo done (we haven't had one with Paxton out of the belly in it) We are going Thursday, but I am thinking of waiting until a little later this month. I decided to crochet some accessories for the girls. I finished one set completely, and only have the scarf to make; to complete the other set. I'm selling them for a limited time, $35.00+shipping if you want a set. (Nix the shipping if you live in town, of coarse)

Couldn't choose the cuter one to show off the whole set! :P

Detail of Glove

Detail of Scarf

I actually would have posted this alot earlier, except my husband took my camera to work. The one time I decide to pick it up. He better get home fast. So now I have to wait. At least it is a georgeous day outside. I am trying to get things for crochet organized and on myspace. I am so busy with everything else, I am trying to remember what all I have to do. I seriouly am going to get a planner. it's the only way I can think of to keep track of what is going on lately.

I decided (thanks Stacy) to sell my crochet accessories, mostly to match with Cloud Dust outfits. I had to have a name, so I decided on MelyB. I can't promise a ton of stuff, but I am always trying something new, and seeing cute ideas. So we will see how it goes for a while.

Of coarse when we get our photos done, I will be posting my favs on here. Renee just had hers done, you can look at them on my absolutely fav photographer's (love ya, Sis) website: http://www.bandlphoto.net/

She just re-did the site (it looks great, btw). If you havent' already asked her to do your pics, you are missing out. You get awesome quality for not alot of price...I am serious. GO and SEE.

K. I have got to get off here. Have alot to do still, and don't feel like doing it. SIGH.