Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wow, it's been busy

So I am bored this morning and decide I needed to give my blog a little pampering. Hope you like it! Guess it is more veg time since this week and last have been such a blur due to a death in the family, and now it is appearing we may lose another dear family memeber. Prayers from everyone appreciated.

My goal is to try to keep up with this thing, maybe a post a day, just of my thoughts and for therapy, and when I have the inkling, pics of my latest projects.

Let's see...lately I've been cooking a whole bunch. I have been wanting to crochet and do some other things, but they are so time consuming, and that is a commodity I've been short on. Cooking has been an attainable satisfaction for me in the last few weeks. Since the Pampered Chef makes it super easy for me, I've been testing out some new recipes I got when I ordered the new Spring Line of products. All of which I love. My new favorite is the BBQ Bacon Meatloaf  from the new Dinner in Your Deep Covered Baker cookbook. I absolutely love my DCB, and it comes in so handy for when I don't have time to make an extravagant meal but would like one. Unfortunately, they don't have the recipe online yet for it, I have no idea if it will make it to their site, but it should!! However, you can get one from me, your Pampered Chef Consultant!

Well, I've been sitting here a while now, so off I go to I think knit for a while. Will post pics of the project once I get rolling on it!