Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why do they have to grow??

So I decided to get off my lazy fanny and quit making excuses and get outside to take some nice pics of my kiddos.....Don't know why it took me so long to finally do, or why I haven't done it a million times already, cos it is something I have fun doing! This post won't include Elaina, she was at school during the time I was taking these, but I will do some of her in the next couple days and post them.

It was really fun shooting Pax...he was all over the place outside, and I ended up with a million and one shots of his head or little booty or back, and barely any of his face...he was constantly looking at his shadow the whole time trying to catch it. thankfully I was on my game the moment he decided to look at me, and got a few really nice shots of him.
Mimi was a whole different thing..she was squinting in almost every pic, and when I was trying to be stealthy and get a candid shot, she would stop and pose! LOL. I ended up taking her to the back yard after Pax went down for a nap. There I got some wonderful pics of her...she is sooo photogenic and cute!

Looking at them after I finished, I could not believe how much they both have strains my memory to really remember EXACTLY what they were like as makes me sad that they have to grow up, but proud to see what great kids they have become/are becomming. So enjoy the pics!!!

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EmilytheWheatie said...

gahh I cant believe how big they are now either!!