Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello, Friend

So it's been a while since I have even thought about my blog...oh well, not much I can do about that, besides starting over...Doesn't help that my computer is dead for now, so I am using Kevin's laptop for work. I am really hoping that all of my photos arent gone on the old hard drive. Pax kept turing the comp off and on and it crashed about three weeks ago. My iPhone has been filling the void of being disconnected from everything, and now when he decides to bring it with him, I have Kevin's laptop.

I've been in a discouraged funk lately, and I am trying super hard to shake it off..nothing feels right, things seem to not be going my way, and I am just frusterated and done with it all. Guess I just need to re-focus on things, and stop trying to "try" so hard. I think maybe I am just not cut out for the things I am trying to do. So I have decided that I am just going to let it all go, and do what I want to do. So there...that feels better all ready.

The kids are doing really well, My two older babies are excited about starting school. I went school shopping a couple weeks ago, that was rather expensive. The teachers seem to get really picky. Elaina's stuff was the worst as far as the picky-ness...I was supposed to find a package of only pink, red, and white construction paper. I was like "forget this" and I picked up a large package of regular mulit-colored paper. Her teacher can just pick out whatever colors they need. Sheesh!

Pax is so big now..he's such a little man now. He is really asserting his independence, and is talking up a storm. Cant quite understand what he is saying just yet, but you can make out a few words and phrases.

We are gearing up for our vacation this year. We are going to the beach!!! I am so excited for the kids to get to expierence the ocean, sand, and sea shells. My parents are going to be coming along too, so it will be wonderful time for Kevin and I to go off on our own, and let mom and dad have some time with the kids. YAH! I've been wanting to go to the beach since last year. I am so glad it will finally come to pass!

Take Care All,

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