Monday, April 18, 2011

Panic, and Cooking.....

SO. things have been a little squirlley in our house as of late. I finally decided to do something about all of my Anxiety I have been dealing with for as long as I can remember. I guess it is something heriditary, since my dad is 10X worse than I am about things. Excessive worry about literally Everything is not Okay. I want to be a better wife, mother, and person. I feel like somewhere in all this, I've lost who I really am. I havent'seen  that gal in a very long time....too long.

      In that conquest of my illness, I have tried several medications to make it better. The most recent one, which didn't help me in the the process of doing that, I had a lovely reaction to the old stuff leaving my system.

 I thought I was having a Heart Attack...... I had all the symptoms of one, and it was NOT fun. So off to the doctor, who takes one look at me and sends me to the ER, where I spent the next two days getting poked, tested, and fed icky hospital food. The short of the long, is that I was having Panic Attacks....I had NO idea what the heck those were like....until now. I will be glad to say BYE-BYE to those, hopefully in about two weeks, when the new medicine begins to work. They were also able to fix my blood pressure medicine to work more effictively as well. That more than anything has helped me feel better. No more racing  heart rate, and a completely normal BP!

  Anyhow, on to nicer topics. In leiu of all of the food I had to consume to stay alive, I decided to try another new recipe from one of my newest cookbooks! When I say I am IN LOVE with my Deep COvered Baker....I MEAN IT.

I am soooo looking forward to dipping my fork into this one. It was BY FAR the easiest Chicken Pot Pie I have ever made. I know I know...its totally corny, cos that is what the recipe is entitled. But if you know anything about Pampered Chef...they are all about EASY. I still do love to spend hours in my kitchen on occasion, but since I've gotten into all this, I don't have to anymore. The WOW factor is always there with any PC recipe. My only disappointment is this: They are being awful stingy with the recipes from this book on their website. But, you know who to ask to order you one!

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