Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Special Delivery

 I have been working my little fingers to the bone crocheting, knitting, and now even sewing lil animals for my friend to take to Africa in June. You can see my previous post on this here.
Imagine my suprise to read on her Facebook that the trip was postponned. The price of airfare has skyrocketed...I mean to a rediculous amount. The cost of gas and other things have driven the cost up, so the decision was made to postponne the trip.....
So I freak out
and I was bummed....
and I called my friend cos I was bummed and freaking out......

These sweet little animals wouldn't have a home, and there was no way in heck I could keep up making two a day until the new date we are leaving, which is in September.

Yes, I said WE. I have finally gotten my opportunity to go. I have been craving a mission trip to help people for many years. I always find out to late, or talk myself out of it......But not this time. Those of you that know me are probably scratching your heads and not believing your eyes, but yes, this is something I have been just dying to do. I suppose I didn't talk about it much cos I was trying to talk myself out of it.

I am absolutly delighted to get to not only provide for physical needs of people, and spiritual needs of the people....but I get to hand deliver every one of my lil animals, stitched in love and prayers.  I got all the info and got in touch with the XMA(extreme missionary adventures) group leader and set up everything, got all the info and then now ........... I need money to go.
 I am going to offer all of you some opportunities. I am going to sell a few of the many"Animals for Africa" that I have made. Each one is special, and slightly different, and since I want to bring along a bunch, will be very limited edition. They are safe for kids (obviously) and would make a great baby gift, or just a little something for that little someone. I will be making a listing on my Facebook where you can see them. (send me a message on there if we arent already friends)
     The other thing is only if you live locally. I am going to offer manicures. Now these aren't just ANY manicures....( I was professionally trained to do manicures, and do hair too) but these include custom printed designs on your nails. This will also be listed so you can see and I will begin to take appointments in June.

 I have a  page which tells a little more about what it is we will be doing in Africa. You can click on it HERE .  Forward it to your friends, you can choose to donate on there too, if that is what you want. Or just wait for one of the many opportunities I will offer in the comming months.
  I hope you will all pray for us and help to support us on this awesome adventure....we even have room for more..........

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